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Autumn at The Secret Campsite

The sheep arrive This season went by in a flash and now we are deep into November. A particular highlight is the new sheep coming to graze off the camping meadow. They arrive and tread warily out of the trailer. Then hesitate but upon hearing the rattle of a bucket, will charge straight into their […]

Things to do, eat, and see near to The Secret Campsite

Sussex is a wonderful place to visit and there’s plenty to do, eat and see whilst you are here. Here’s a list of places that our campers seem to enjoy. Please check the company website for current times and all opening details. Sussex visitor official websites Sussex Top Attractions Brighton Lewes Family Attractions Branching Out […]

Real camping. So what is it?

For us at The Secret Campsite, real camping starts and finishes with nature, peace and space. Inky skies It’s the inky sky at night. The chance to see the stars and learn the constellations. It’s the dropping off to sleep hearing the night time wildlife sounds. The hoot of an owl, the amorous croaks of […]

Switch on your senses

Experiencing nature is essential for our well being and never, ever gets boring! Our quiet campsite, which is so very quiet now we are in Lockdown, provides a great opportunity for slowing down, switching off and ‘doing nothing’ as we say. When we choose to ‘do nothing’ we give ourselves the time to pay close […]

Planting trees and shrubs around the campsite

We set The Secret Campsite up as a place where campers could relax and connect with the natural world around a campfire down in sunny Sussex. To ensure that we deliver this we spend lots of time enhancing parts of the campsite so that more of our native flora and fauna move in. This year […]

Forage and Harvest

Summer seems to have quickly turned into deep Autumn. Worse still, Winter feels very much as though it’s looming just around the corner. As the days get cooler its easy to yearn for the warmer and brighter days of the Summer months. But, we’re doing our best to revel in the darkness of this time […]

Spring arrives at the campsite in Sussex

The first signs of spring in Sussex have been appearing around the campsite recently. This makes it a good time to go looking for snakes. The snakes hibernate over winter and then start to emerge from their burrows to bask in the early spring sunshine so that they can go hunting for prey to re […]

Wild snacks around the campsite

This time of year is fantastic around the campsite as all of the plants that we planted start to show their produce. We landscaped the Secret campsite with wildlife and edible plants in mind and over time, as the plants have established, they are starting to become productive.     This has meant we can now […]

Herbal infusions

Last week i was castigated by a camper for describing our herbal infusions as herbal teas. I’m not one to be to picky about the leaves we harvest for our hot drinks, but i did rather see the point that was being made. Tea is an infusion made from camellia sinensis. In chinese tea is […]

Massive caterpillar eats tea bed

Therri the resident Sussex herbalist at the Secret Campsite has just been clearing and weeding our tea bed. This will make it easier for campers to pick leaves and flowers from the bed that she planted a few years ago. The plants in the bed can all be used to provide relaxing tisanes for people looking […]

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