Therri the Sussex herbalist who grows plants in a polytunnel next to The Secret campsites claims to be able to cure someone’s ails from this motley band of weeds.

Displaying today we have cleavers, stinging nettles and yellow docks. Most people would see these plants as a garden nuisance, but not Therri, she sees salvation from lifes rigours.

On a separate note I went walking on the Ashdown Forest yesterday evening (election night) with my friend Cliff. We were in search of the elusive nightjars that reside there during the summer. We were advised by some experts they still haven’t turned up and that it wasn’t worth the trip, but the optimists in us made us ignore this advice. Cliff and I soldiered on and we didn’t see a single nightjar, but instead we saw a Barn Owl cris crossing the heath, a stonechat, a chiffchaff a sundew and a cat. The Ashdown Forest in sussex is one of those rare, wild, habitats that are disappearing in England and it is a very invigorating space to spend an hour at dusk.

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