Sussex Wildlife Trust have been working with the campsite for the past five years to run these popular summer wildlife and camping weekends. The Secret Campsite is carefully managed to provide a permanent home for wildlife (and a temporary home to happy campers).

As you walk around the Secret campsite, keep your eyes and ears open for wildlife and don’t forget to write what you see on the sheets in the Secret Festival Headquarters Marquee.

Throughout the weekend we’ll be running a packed programme of events to help you get closer to the animals that live here.

We’ll be setting traps to try and catch small mammals – and using trail cameras to film some bigger ones!  

At night we’ll listen to bats with bat detectors as they hunt overhead.  

We’ll search for White Admiral butterflies in the woods, open up a moth trap to get close to some hawkmoths – and much, much more!

Throughout Saturday and Sunday there will also be ongoing bushcraft activities which will give children the chance to create something wild (and get their hands dirty). We’re going to try and stick to the following schedule – but may have to make some changes depending on the weather.  

         All events will start at the Secret Wildlife Festival Headquarters Tent


19:30 Introduction to the weekend

19:45 Early evening wildlife walk

(& Setting up the Hedgehog Tunnels and Trail Cameras)

21:00 Setting the Small Mammal Traps

21:25 Fire up the Moth Trap!

21:30 Searching for Bats & Glow worms.

22:30 Campfires back at your tent



07:00 Early morning bird walk

08:00 Open up the Small Mammal Traps

09:15 Check the Hedgehog Tunnels

09:30 Moth Trap Opening

10:30 Wildlife Walk in Knowlands Wood

 Or Bushcraft activities at the camp

14:00 Pond Dipping (if there’s any water in the pond!)

15:30 Bushcraft activities at the camp

16:00 Herbal Medicine talk and walk

17:00 Bushcraft activities at the camp

18:00-19:00 Big BBQ available for your food

20:30 Set the Small Mammal Traps

20:55 Fire up the Moth Trap!

21:00 Evening walk for bats and owls

21:45 Campfires back at your tent



08:00 Open up the Small Mammal Traps

09:30 Check hedgehog tunnels

10:00 Moth trap opening

10:30 Bushcraft activities at the camp

11:00 Secret Cinema: Watch the trail camera footage

11:30 Bug Hunt for Children

12:30 Butterfly and Birdwatch Walk

14:00 Pitches Clear Please & Sad farewells.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone here next weekend

The Secret Wildlife Team

Michael, Tim, Renzo, Jess, Nikki, Ryan, Maddy, Tallulah, Katherine, Clare, David, Therri & Bob.

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