The first decent snow of the year fell on Monday night. It caused mayhem on the little road leading up to the campsite.

the camping meadow in the snow

The postman ended up in the ditch, twice and the sheep ran out of grass.

However, looking on the positive side, it looks beautiful. It also give me the chance to get some more interesting photos. It shows the campsite in a completely different light. Empty and a completely different colour.

reception at the secret campsite near barcombe

I trudged over to the meadow via the little bridge that connected Barcombe railway station to Sheffield Park as part of the Bluebell railway. As I did, a fox broke cover from one of the numerous clumps of rushes that are scattered throughout the camping areas.

My picture below is a desperate attempt to capture him as he ran onto the dismantled railway track. You’ll need to be creative to pick him out. I can’t.

snowy view from the railway track at the secret campsite

There are numerous other animal tracks to look at in the meadow, some more interesting than others. The one below is something quite big, probably a deer.

hazel pitch at the secret campsite
Feed for the sheep

Finally, I made a precarious and very icy road trip to Ringmer where I bought extra hay for the 3 remaining sheep now that most of the flock have returned to Owens fields in Hamsey.

The campsite opens in 4 weeks time but i’m a bit wary of turning the water back on yet. The temperature was as low as -6 last night.

I’m sure it will have started to thaw out by the end of March and you can always light a campfire and bring a decent rug if you’re nervous. If not the showers are always hot….

Wild garlic

On a cheerful note, the first shoots of wild garlic have started to appear. This is an exciting time for the soup lovers amongst you. Its easy to pick and Barcombe seems to be a great place to harvest it at this time of year, judging from the amount in my mate’s garden.

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