Yesterday morning, following this winters first snowfall we went out looking to see what animal have been moving through the campsite during the night. We know there have been lots of foxes around as they are calling throughout the night. This is a busy time in there calendar as it is the mating season, and also the time when last years young try to establish territories. Vixens are diligently followed by the dominant male to ensure he is present when she is receptive and any intruders into his territory are intimidated both vocally and physically. We know that there are some Muntjac deer in the woods around the campsite as the owner, Nick, saw them in an area that he has deer fenced to keep them out. The fencing is to enable the recently coppiced woodland to regenerate. We did get a few tracks around the campsite, and particularly in the woods,and en route we saw the beaters out with their dogs in the woodland surrounding the campsite and heard the woodpecker tapping away in the trees. The stream was still running and there are a few places where it can be traversed by the smaller animals which become quite congested.

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Our small pond had frozen over but it wasn’t strong enough to stand on. The rabbits tracks are the most odd as they look like a three legged animal has passed this way.

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