Artist in Residence at the Secret Campsite - Clara Wilkinson

Clara Wilkinson is our very first Artist In Residence. As a graduate of both Central St Martins and London Guildhall, her work is truly beautiful. 

Happy as a lark

Clara’s been hanging out here at the site, and can be vaguely seen in the distance somewhere. Perched on a deckchair, with a fistful of brushes, a smorgasbord of watercolours and a merry hat plonked on her head, she is as happy as a lark. 

Painting alongside the bugs and the grasses

As a painter who dwells on the South Coast, her work is nature inspired and very beautiful. Capturing the magentas, fire reds and verdant greens that are currently prolific around the campsite, Clara’s a hive of activity. 

The paintings are coming along at a steady rate and are much admired by the wildlife. Bugs are continually landing on them for  a recce. Stoically hanging off a leaf nearby, is a little snail who is about 1 metre from the paintbrush!

Snails getting up close

Sharing Nature

We are hosting the Artists Residency as a way of sharing the nature that we are surrounded by. Being based in the Sussex countryside means we are treated to the sight of wild flowers, insects, butterflies, owls, deer, starry nights, snakes, nightingales and glow worms on a continual basis, and we know how lucky we are! We are signed up to Get Nature Positive, a global campaign striving to protect and restore the natural world.

The old railway track

The Residency is an opportunity for someone to come and spend 5 days or so, down here, enjoying real camping or just visiting by day, and really getting away from it all.

Mental health and nature

Inspiration comes from many sources; conversations, music, nature, places etc and time away from our usual curtails can be immensely rewarding. As we all know, nature and our mental health is entwined. 

We found Clara kind of by accident, recommended by a friend, but we seem to have a few acquaintances in common. 

We have loved having Clara on site and whilst sad that her spell here has come to an end, she has promised to return and paint the bluebells in Knowlands Woods next spring… watch this space.

Wildlife at the Secret Campsite

As one half of Living Murals, Clara is awaiting publication of her first book, in October 2022. You can read more here and pre-order your copy here.

If you would like to come and have an Artists Residency here, then please do get in touch with Tim. 

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