This morning I woke to a dawn chorus in the garden, Spring is definitely here.

With the sun beaming in through the windows I set off to scatter my Bee Bombs into the wildflower meadow we have created in the front garden of our house, next door to the Secret Campsite, down here in Sussex.

A couple of weeks ago I cleared the vegetation away from 20 small spots in the lawn. These areas are a perfect place to drop the Bee Bombs. Once in place the wildflower seeds contained within each bee bomb can get established, without being suffocated by the more aggressive neighbouring plants.

The bag of Bee Bombs that I was given as a christmas present, contains about 20 tubes of clay and each one of theses tubes is filled with wildflower seeds including the following:


Common Knapweed

Wild Carrot

Ladys Bedstraw

Rough Hawkbit

Oxeye Daisy

Ribwort Plantain


Self Heal

Corn Marigold

Yellow Rattle

Common Sorrel

Salad Burnet

White Campion

Red campion

Common Poppy


Corn Chamomile

If these work we will have a front lawn buzzing with all sorts of flying insects but hopefully, a particularly productive foraging space for the local bees.

Fingers crossed

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