Big Butterfly Count 2022 at the Secret Campsite Lewes

The Big Butterfly Count (BBC) is a UK-wide survey aimed at helping the Butterfly Conservation Society to assess the health of the environment simply by counting the amount and types of butterflies (and some day flying moths) we see. 

This year it starts on Friday 15 July and runs until Sunday 7 August. We want our campers to join in!

Silver Fritillary at the Secret Campsite, photographed by James Pearson.
Silver Washed Fritillary at the Secret Campsite – James Pearson

How to join in?

Come to Reception where we will give you a printed sheet to fill in.

Then choose a place to spot butterflies and moths. We can give you some suggestions here. perhaps the camping meadow or along the old railway track? Watch for 15 minutes. Then record what species you see.

You will need to avoid counting the same butterfly multiple times, so you need to be sharp eyed with your spotting!

Then return your completed form to reception. We will submit your counts on behalf of The Secret Campsite, Sussex.

You can see how your own data is contributing to conservation and science here

Top 5 UK Butterflies

According to the Butterfly Conservation Society, the top 5 Butterflies in 2021 were: Small White, Large White, Meadow Brown, Gatekeeper, Red Admiral. 

Images of the top 5 butterflies in the UK, including Red Admiral, Meadow Brown, Gatekeeper and Large White
Top 5 UK Butterflies- come see them at the Secret Campsite

Butterflies at the Secret Campsite

Here at the Secret Campsite we are home to many butterflies. Our most frequently spotted butterflies are the Marbled White, Brimstone and Skipper. 

Marbled White butterfly, taken by Colin Gibbs from the Butterfly Conservation Sussex branch
Marbled White at the Secret Campsite

In 2020 the Sussex Butterfly Conservation visited the Secret Campsite and they sighted Ringlet, Gatekeeper, Marbled White and the Purple Hairstreak

What will you spot?

Here are some top tips from BBC Wildlife Magazine including; watch the forecast as most butterflies fly only on sunny calm days or on overcast days over 20°C. Move slowly so that your shadow doesn’t fall on them. More tips here

Do get involved! Come and ask for a sheet at Reception and we will tell you the best spots for you to watch and count! 

Good luck! 

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