This weekend is Big Garden Bird Watch where the RSPB ask everyone to log all the birds that you see in your garden over a 1 hour period.

Go to their website link above and they will send out a pack so that you can have a fun filled morning on the 24th January spotting birds that you didn’t know visited your garden. We have a few bird feeders around the secret campsite but most of the residents rely on the numerous species of plants we have put in as there food source over the winter. We are very lucky to have the dismantled railway track running through the camping areas and this is alive with plants and species of birds who occasionally pay us a visit. We even have some Nightingales living there in the spring.

Sussex is one of the most wooded counties in England and this is great for the wildlife with lots of trees for shelter and as a habitat for insects that provide a rich food source.

We get lots of migrating visitors to the site and at this time of year we will be looking out for Redwing and Fieldfares as well as the permanent residents such as Goldfinches, Robins, Kestrels, Sparrowhawks, Buzzards, Long Tailed Tits, Moorhens, Woodcock, Woodpeckers and the many Pheasants that sneak out from the neighbouring woodlands that surround the camping Meadow.

I’ll let you know what we spotted next week but why not give it a go yourselves and see what is living on your doorstep. You may be very surprised. If not pay us a visit here in sussex and see who is staying with us over the summer.

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