This morning after a quiet night out in Brighton with my campsite owning friend Hugh from EcoCamp, I was woken abruptly by one of my favourite birds who I haven’t seen sight nor sound of for the best part of 8 months. Imagine my surprise.

The nightingale is a very secretive bird and migrates away from sussex each autumn and heads off to warmer climbs for the winter. Who can blame it? According to the RSPB it doesn’t return until April. I’m not sure what has sparked this early arrival to the secret campsites thick hedge, but there he was singing his rich range of notes at 5:30 this morning. The nightingale has an amazing song with a huge range of notes and you can listen to if you follow the RSPB link and turn up your volume to get the full effect. It surprisingly irritates my friend Kevin who repairs the mowers and machinery for us. He has one that sings right outside his bedroom window and wakes him up very early in the spring.

I’d like to include a photo of the nightingale that we have here but it is so secret that all I ever get is a picture of some brambles and hawthorn. So i have just posted a picture of this and our beautiful bridge to make the blog marginally more colourful.

I’m always slightly reticent about announcing something on the website, as my friend wildlife expert Michael Blencowe from Sussesx Wildlife trust normally lets me know i have got it wrong. We had a terrible dust up over a newt that turned out to be a lizard.

This time, I am supremely confident.

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