November is my favourite month of the year. Selfishly its my birthday, which means a few drinks with friends and some interesting presents. This year I have been inundated with the most fantastic set of bird boxes which we will be putting up around the campsite and on the new building, which we have called the Nest, to help with encouraging wildlife. They were bought for me by a group of friends from Barcombe who share a love of the countryside and the wildlife that lives in it. Thank you Caroline, Rupert, Nick, Tanya, Steve, Sandra, Topsy, Simon, Mike and Melissa.

Bird boxes are a fantastic way of encouraging wildlife into the camping areas and as Sussex is one of the most wooded counties in the country we have lots of great habitat for them to feed and shelter in so the bird boxes are a great addition.

My daughter Maddy also made me a number of bird boxes which will be gracing different places around the campsite. She used lots of off cuts from the building work in the spring and has made a long robin box and a few smaller sparrow houses. We have lots of house sparrows around the campsite as well as goldfinches in the meadow, so they need somewhere to live.

I hope you like my picture of the bird box collection and once i get them up i’ll post pictures so you can try and find them when you come and stay with us at The Secret Campsite in Sussex where wildlife is at the core of our proposition. If you need help identifying the birds we encourage in, the RSPB is a fantastic source.

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