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Bluebells flowering around the campsite

Its that time of year when the woods around the Secret Campsite are filled with huge drifts of Bluebells.

Despite this years terrible wet weather, bang on time at the start of April, we started to see these beautiful little flowers emerge.

Isn’t nature amazing?

It starts with one or two on the woodland edges and as the days lengthen and the weather warms, gradually the woodland floor is carpeted with a beautiful blue haze.

A little about this beautiful plant

Bluebells Hyacinthoides non scripta has a plethora of common names including English harebells, Cuckoos boots and Witches thimbles. 

Bluebells provide an early food source for a wide range of creatures. Not may other plants are flowering at this time of year. So woodland butterflies, bees and hoverflies flock to these beautiful spaces to recharge. The air is alive with the buzz and hum of insects.

One of the main reasons for the bluebells flowering early, is to make use of the light that soon disappears as the tree canopy closes over, shutting out the suns rays.

Come and camp next to these beautiful bluebells

A few of our pitches at the campsite look directly into the surrounding woodland where you are treated to this beautiful bluebell display for a few weeks from April through to May.

Request a pitch with a view when you book a camping pitch and we’ll do our best to share the beauty of our local bluebells in the woods with you

bluebells seen from wild service pitch at the secret campsite