We are positively teeming with butterflies here at the Secret Campsite. Sussex attracts them in swathes or flights as they are collectively known. Other collective terms include a shimmer, a swarm or best of all, a rabble!

White Admiral James Pearson

Young wildlife photographer

James Pearson, a young lad from Lewes with a passion for photographing wildlife has been frequently visiting us. Arriving with his camera, he disappears into the meadow and Knowlands Woods for hours. James sent over his latest butterfly photos and we love them.

Purple Hairstreak James Pearson

Sightings with Sussex Butterfly Conservation

We met the Sussex Butterfly Conservation Society who camped here earlier this month. Follow the link and scroll to 06 July 2020 where you can see and read about their sightings here. Butterflies they saw include Ringlet, Gatekeeper, Marbled White and Purple Hairstreak.

Marbled White at the Secret Campsite
Marbled White Colin Gibbs

Michael Blencowe’s Butterfly book

If you have attended the annual Secret Wildlife Festival, then you will definitely have met with Michael Blencowe from The Sussex Wildlife Trust. Here’s an unashamed plug for his book “The Butterflies of Sussex”. Currently out of stock but keep your eyes peeled for his next book entitled “Gone” due April 2021.

The Secret Wildlife Festival

Our Secret Wildlife Festival is a moth and butterfly spotting bonanza. Moths spotted include the Elephant Hawk, Privet Hawk, Lappet, and Snout. Butterflies include the Purple Hairstreak, Marbled White. We always hunt the Purple Emperor , that’s sometimes spotted in Sussex. We try our hardest to attract it, tactically employing foul smelling dog food, and other rank materials. Finally we were victorious in 2019. Sadly I didn’t have my camera to hand…

We absolutely love seeing all your photographs taken here of the wildlife here at The Secret Campsite. The camping meadow, the old railway track and Knowlands Woods are great places to go and spot lots of different wildlife. Please keep sending them in!

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