I thought I should publish an update to my incorrect amphibian observation. It transpires that the newt caught sunbathing at the secret campsite was in fact a common lizard which are relatively common in this part of sussex.

Common Lizards can be mistaken for sand lizards and also newts so i’m not a complete moron and having read up on the differences i don’t feel utterly without hope. Newts are slower moving on land and barely move when disturbed preferring to remain hidden under logs or leaves. Myobservation of the watery looking feet was utterly ridiculous as this is not the case in the creature that i have photographed. Newts have shorter feet whilst our guest at the campsite in sussex clearly has long elegant feet for making a quick getaway. Sand Lizards have more greenish markings and are only see at a number of sites in the UK.

Common Lizards are widely distributed in the UK and would love the dismantled railway track that borders the campsite as well as in hedgerows and the banks of ditches. They enjoy basking in spring and summer but late in the summer it is probably a pregnant female that we saw sunbathing at the campsite on the snake boards..


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