On Friday we pruned the three oak trees that will soon be home to the Tree Tent here at the secret campsite. Mark from Organic Matters runs a local tree surgery business next door to the campsite and he popped over a couple of weeks ago to size up the job. It is important for us to make sure that all of the limbs above the Tree Tent are safe, whilst making sure that the trees is in good order and growing healthily.

The trees are all in good order, and whilst scaling the trees with his team Mark kindly took some photographs from the boughs that were holding them up. He noticed a few woodpecker holes and this would be borne out by the regular tapping that we hear around the field in the mornings when the woodpecker is searching for food or excavating its own nest. Campers at The Secret Campsite are always interested in seeing woodpeckers and we are lucky to have healthy populations of both the Greater Spotted and the Green Woodpecker in and around the Sectret Campsite. Although the Tree Tent will only be 2.5 m off the ground there will still be great views over the campsite and to the South Downs in the distance. Unlike the woodpecker you can have a night in the canopy without having to create you own nest.

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  1. Do we need to make some mini Tents for the woodpeckers? Wouldn't like to be responsible for taking over their house!

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