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How to enjoy a real camping trip

We love this short film by one of our campers who can be seen chopping up day lilies that she foraged on the campsite, to add to her evening salad. If you’re thinking of going on a real camping trip, why not have a quick look at this article and film that was posted by […]

One minute sound escape

If you’re sitting at a desk or stuck on a train here’s a one-minute escape courtesy of recent site visitor to The Secret Campsite, Graham Barrons Dad. The dawn chorus.  Just perfect, and yet nothing much at all. Brings a smile to my face every time.  

Campsite badger footage

It’s a shame, but whenever humans are around nature tends to get pushed to the edges of the space we are in so we often miss the wildlife that is all around us. Here at The Secret Campsite our aim is to create conditions which reverses this a little, so that us humans get to […]