My friend Paul Barney stayed with us, next door to The Secret Campsite when he was down in Lewes and Brighton a couple of weeks ago for the annual Seedy Sunday event that takes place in both of these interesting Sussex towns. Paul who runs the brilliant Edulis nursery near Ashampstead in Berkshire, collects unusual and edible plants from around the world which he sells to visitors to his website or at the many rare plant shows that he attends around the South of England. Paul very kindly gave me 5 Caucasian pear trees that I have planted around the disorganised orchard on this side of the old railway track that bisects the Secret Campsite down here in Sussex.

These beautiful trees will provide wonderful fruit snacks for campers staying with us and also provide beautiful flowers in the spring, although we won’t get fruit for a few years yet.

The picture is of our Tree Tent which has shrugged off the stormy weather in anticipation of the arrival of the woodburner which we will be installing in the next month ready for the 2014 season which starts at the end of March.

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