To encourage more Common Brimstone butterflies into the campsite for everyone to enjoy during the hot summer days we have planted a number of Buckthorn trees around the camping meadow. We have chosen a couple of Alder Buckthorn trees Rhamnus frangula and two Purging Buckthorns. These trees are the only larval food source for the Common Brimstone butterfly although they do get to enjoy a more varied diet as they get older, not unlike us. As they age they start to feed on nectar from thistles, cowslips and bluebells, all of which we have in abundance in and around the campsite.

The butterfly is a beautiful addition to the huge variety of butterflies and moths that we have living in and around the Sectret Campsite and these will be looked at in detail at our wildlife weekend which is schedule for later in the summer when Michael Blencowe and his colleagues from Sussex Wildlife Trust will be hosting an event here.

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