We have some exciting news!

In the last two weeks of September we spotted a Hazel dormouse, just outside the campsite! Michael and Katherine, who are ecologists from the Ecology Consultancy Bakerwell Ltd and are based at The Secret Campsite, had the lucky encounter during one of their lunchbreaks.

Sadly, we didn’t manage to catch a photo of the dormouse. The sighting was unexpected and dormice move very quickly. But Katherine was so inspired she produced a felt version she had made earlier, which was very Blue Peter

Felt hazel dormouseat the secret campsite

However, they did find its tightly woven nest and they managed to get a photograph of that. Please note you need to be a qualified and licenced expert to handle dormice. They are an endangered species.

Dormice nests looks rather like our Tree Tent, which is hanging in the trees near where the nests were found. The main difference is size, and they are a different colour to the Tree tent which is green. The Tree Tent also has lights inside which is unnecessary for the nocturnal dormouse. What do you think? You can read more Tree Tent information here

dormouse nest found near the secret campsite
Like a Tree Tent?

The ecologists from Bakerwell have set up lots of monitoring points around the campsite to see what they are up to. Fingers crossed, we can report back with lots of dormouse pictures, once we have managed to spot them with a camera in hand!

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