Electric car camping is here! With our eyes to the future we at last got round to joining the revolution.

To avoid us running out of fuel we have installed an electric car charging point at the Sussex campsite, which campers are welcome to use when it is free. The unit was installed with government grants by a firm called Pod Point and we decided to go for a Nissan Leaf and it is a brilliant car.

We had been thinking of getting an electric car for a while and it makes sense for an oil tanker full of reasons, but mainly with a long term view for the environment and how we use energy in our daily lives. There is however the delicious wallet benefit, with a significant reduction in our fuel costs.

We are lucky to have a brilliant solar pv system installed on the barn roof. The system was installed in 2012, just before the Secret Campsite opened for business, by Sussex based Ovesco. Ovesco is a community energy company in Lewes and the photo-voltaic, pv, array, provides heaps of electricity, up to 19kWatts, on a sunny day.

Going forwards our fuel bills should be massively reduced, possible even free if we are canny with our charging.

So if you are planning a camping trip in Sussex with your electric car, just let me know when you are here and we should be able to hook you in for some free electricity, but only if the charger is not being used by one of the other electric revolutionaries. Oh and if our adapter fits your car. Fear not if it doesn’t we can always plug you in at the mains using a standard 3 pin plug.

Hopefully, if the demand is good we might put in a second charge point so that there will always be a space to park and refuel whilst you are camping at the Secret Campsite.

Last summer we had 4 campers arrive with electric cars, 2 Nissan leafs 1 VW Up and 1 Tessla

Join the revolution for nature.

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