The Secret Campsite are right behind the Woodland Trusts campaign to ensure that children under 8 continue to get the chance to experience nature first hand. You can read more about how to get involved via the link.

We have been landscaping the site to encourage lots more wildlife from the surrounding woodland intop our camping meadow, and at the moment I am watching two red legged Partridge trotting around the site and a beautiful green woodpecker who sets off on his bounding flights with a yaffle noise whenever he gets surprised. It is critical for children to see wildlife and to experience the sights and sounds of different species, as well as the smells. Have you ever been subjected to the unpleasant odour released by a startled grass snake, it is fairly disgusting.

Here at the Sectret Campsite, we are really keen that our younger campers will see lots of different birds, butterflies, and insects during their stay, and you should have a look at the RSPB web site where you can see, and hear the sounds of our flying friends, just key in the name of a bird then read about it and hear what it sounds like, brilliant and a great education for children. Listen to the Tawny owl which surround our woodland with their spooky noises late at night. If you like the idea that children under 8 should see more wildlife then read what the Woodland Trust have to say on the issue and if this compels you to act, send a letter, which they have set up for you, to the powers that be. It will help to increase the noises in the decision makers ears, just like our feathered friends would do if they knew.

On a rathe more drab note i have been busy mulching pathsd this weekend so that the ground will be less squidgy underfoot for our early season campers. It also makes the blog a bit more colourful in the absence of any photography skills on my part. Now the sun has just come out for a peek. Perhaps it wants to watch the two cock pheasants fighting over a patch of campsite ground from which to show off. Nature really is important, and we have lots of it down here near Lewes.

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