Summer is here as I have just heard the first Cuckoo of the year making his funny little coo on the railway track running through The Secret Campsite. This confident little announcement is his attempt to lure a mate to his territory and it works although Cuckoo numbers are diminishing so we need to try and help them when the are here, whatever we feel about their low down tricks and lazy parenting

Sussex must be one of the first land contacts with the UK  after a long flight from wherever they spent the winter, probably in Africa. What fun, somewhere hot. Read more on the RSPB website

We also have a couple of Pied Wagtails bustling around reception. They aren’t looking like they want to check in but they are pretty busy gathering insects, probably for a brood of chicks in one of the buildings on site.

More amusingly, having sown a wild bird mix into part of the recently cultivated areas on site i was expecting trouble from some of the local crows. They didn’t let me down and were in fact joined by a rather cocky male pheasant who seems to be showing off to a couple of hen pheasants. Between them they have been tucking into my wild bird seed and pollen and nectar bird seed mixtures that i sowed last week. To be honest its my own fault but this wasn’t how i had expected to feed them all, this crop was meant for the winter when they are hungry, but there is no explaing that to a bird that cant speak English




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