This morning when I was dismantling the sheep fence around the orchard part of the campsite, I heard a slow rustling in the leaves that have been blown into the newly planted part of the bank. I stood still for a moment and watched as an adder appeared from out of the leaves. It made its way up the grassy bank and then curled up to sun itself on what was a very warm march morning. This is the first snake that I have seen this year and it is always a good sign that spring has arrived at the secret campsite.

Sussex is home to lots of grass snakes and adders and the habitat that we have been encouraging around the campsite, with lots of woodland edges and plenty of tufty areas of grass where their prey can thrive has enabled us to develop a healthy population.

Next up i’m hoping to see my first slow worm hiding under one of our reptile shelters. There have been loads of newts hibernating under the log piles that i have set up around the site and soon they will be in the ponds laying eggs.

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