Its a blazing hot summers day and you have been on a long walk in dusty fields, or perhaps,

you get back to the campsite after wild swimming in the river at Barcombe Mills and want to slake your thirst or:

your feet are hot and aching and the perfect solution is to soak them in cool water as you sit down by the campfire for a cup of mint tea or,

you want to steam some spinach so that you can enjoy it with the steak you are cooking over the campfire or,

you want to brew a calming herbal tea from the freshly picked plants in our tea garden

The dilemma…

How far do I need to walk to get some clean drinking water to take to my camping pitch?

Well the answer is not far.

When we were landscaping the Secret Campsite we made sure that every pitch was no more than 30 seconds walk from a water point. Once there, you can get as much drinking water as you need.

The aim of the campsite ifs to make real camping straightforward simple and enjoyable, with great showers and washing facilities, whilst allowing campers the space and peace to enjoy the wildlife we have encouraged into our site. Now is the time that it is all starting to come to life. So far this season we have had slow worms, weasels, a nightingale, the green woodpecker, wild garlic and lots of rain, but no snakes yet.

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