Having been up for a couple of years we thought it was time for the Gridshell to get a new cover. Jasons original canvas was struggling a bit for the next season so he decided to try out a new version made from a more durable material than the original organic cotton that has graced his first Gridshell since its erection in 2014.

As with all jobs like this we decoded to do it right at the last minute.

The new material is an acrylic blend that is dyed in solution so it shouldn’t fade with the huge amount of Sussex sunlight that we are treated to at The Secret Campsite.

Ironically, we haven’t had a lot of sunshine this weekend as the site opened. In fact we have had extraordinarily strong winds, hailstorms and lots of rain. The first campers to arrive had their tent blow down into the woodlands bordering the Bank and Craig and Callums gazebo departed mid afternon into the trees surrounding their pitch. Everyone keeps smiling during moments like this. It must be the optimistic side of all campers.

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