Since planting the tea bed last summer we have been avoiding over picking any of the plants to allow them to establish. Following a year of unbroken sunshine at the campsite, the plants roots have burrowed deep into the soil and the leaves have filled out the spaces in between plants and hence suppress the weeds. We have now decided that it is time to start picking. Therri the resident herbalist here at The Secret Campsite who practises throughout Sussex has written up the labels on each plant so that campers looking for a relaxing or restorative brew can now pick and make their own cups of tea as they amble over for a morning shower.

Currently the Tea bed has the following plants which are available for all campers staying here: Bronze fennel, Sage, Yarrow, Feverfew, Mountain Mint, Sweet Cicely, Lavender, Mullion, Oregano, Angelica, Parsley, Catmint, Lemon Balm, Lemon Verbena, Garden Mint, Korean Mint, Valerian, Vervain, Borage, Red Clover, Hyssop, Thyme, Marshmallow, Lovage and a Cardoon for luck.


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