I have just finished putting up some more bird and bat boxes around the perimeter of the Secret campsite. Sussex has lots of woodland and as a result we are a haven for species such as bats which need plenty of places to roost. To help even more of these little mammals secure a foothold in the area we try to put up 2 or 3 boxes each year.

This is a very rewarding job, particularly when we get out the bat detectors as part of our wildlife event in July and realise just how many we have around the campsite in this peaceful corner sussex. It is less amusing when a disoriented bat gets tangled up in your hair, which fortunately rarely happens. We put up 2 bat boxes in the eaves of the house and 3 bird boxes on different buildings used as part of the campsite facilities. Fingers crossed that we attract some new residents but one of my encouraging friends told me I was to late and have missed the bus for getting creatures in this year.

We do our best

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