We love this short film by one of our campers who can be seen chopping up day lilies that she foraged on the campsite, to add to her evening salad. If you’re thinking of going on a real camping trip, why not have a quick look at this article and film that was posted by Xanthe Berkeley, after she stayed with us.

Each colour of day lily tastes slightly different. Some are pretty peppery, whilst others can be quite bland, so feel free to ask when you’re here.

Xanthe was camping with her family and they were looking to enjoy a peaceful couple of nights escape from everyday life, with a chance to do nothing much but relax and enjoy the surroundings.

It may give you some interesting ideas about how to spend your time at The Secret Campsite; eating, cooking over a campfire using freshly sourced ingredients and wiling your time away with wildlife and nature, playing cards and connecting with the people you have chosen to escape with. That is real camping.

We supply the fire stands and firewood from Sussex, you bring the free spirits.

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