Being based in Sussex, the Secret Campsite is a big supporter of Sussex Wildlife Trust and we wanted to share this video that they have created with you.

At the Secret Campsite, we really believe that we need to create space for all of our indigenous wildlife species to thrive and a great way to do that is to support the work of the wildlife trusts and in our case, the Sussex Wildlife Trust. Watch their video and if their sentiment strikes a chord with you, then see what you can do to help.

The other species we share the planet with will benefit and you’ll feel glad that you did your bit to help them as the pressure we impose on them start to create so many difficult situations for them to cope with.

We decided to landscape the whole campsite with local species in mind. Very quickly we started to reap the rewards and now the campsite is alive with wildlife so feel free to ask us what is possible in your space, and that is really easy to do.

All is not lost, but complacency is making the clock tick faster


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