This is a Swedish word that is rather dear to our heart.

We hope that it perfectly captures the approach we take at The Secret Campsite……. plus a tiny bit more.

The dictionary definition is broadly somewhere in this space: in balance, appropriateness, and a Swedish Proverb implies ‘the right amount is best’.

This approach to lots of issues feels very forward thinking and we think it sums up what we are trying to do at The Secret Campsite.

We keep the numbers of campers on site low, but enough for us to earn a living.

To provide good quality, clean and simple facilities.

Give people their own private space and request that they dont impose on other campers pitches.

…and we encorage campers to quietly explore the natural world and wildlife we have encouraged into our little part of Sussex

We have always tried to slightly undersell what we offer or provide. We aim to provide a solution that is always just a tiny bit better than has been hoped for prior to arrival.

but we definitely don’t want to under deliver on someones expectation.

Have a look at the Wikipedia definitions and then decide what you think about the socially minded Swedes.

We love their approach!

Next week Petrichor another evocative, natural word.

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