The media coverage of the lunar eclipse has been pretty difficult to miss over the last few days and we had some campers book in for a nights stay down here in sussex as this was a great location to see the moon turn pink and then get blocked out as the earth passed between it and the sun. I’m sure this isn’t the most technical way to describe the event but you get the drift. I woke up at 3 to have a look and took a few photos whilst i was sitting in the bedroom. It wasn’t quite as exciting as i had hoped but i suspect you needed a stronger lens to see the vivid colours that the newspapers seemed to have splashed over their front pages. Even so it was fun to watch and with the dark Sussex skies that we are really lucky to have at The Secret Campsite it made it worth the trip for our guests from the midlands. You can decide for yourself if my photos do it justice.

This picture is of the moon as it started to rise in the sky during the early part of the evening

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