In order to create the perfect camping pitch I need to look after the grass areas where everyone pitches their tents. Each autumn as the season starts to slow down and before the camping meadow at the secret campsite becomes waterlogged for the winter, a hazard of clay, i hire a grass aerator. This year we went to Heathfield hire in sussex as George Rose from Buxted has stopped hiring out landscaping equipment

The grass aerator moves across each pitch punching holes into the turf and pulling out a sausage shaped core of clay. This process enable air to get down into the soli and also encourages organic matter further down into the earth. This helps with drainage and also provides a better habitat for grass roots to establish which helps them to survive spells of drought in better condition.

Its not the most glamorous of jobs but for some reason i love it and their is a strange sense of satisfaction as each pitch at the secret campsite is completed

Once all of the pitches have been aerated i systematically re-sow any warn areas with an amenity lawn mix which i buy from Emorsgate seeds.

Emorsgate supply a fantastic range of seeds for gardens and we use lots of different ones to encourage native plants into different areas around the secret campsite. This year i have sown a wildflower mixture in y own garden which will provide a fantastic habitats for a wide range of bees and other flying insects. In turn these will provide birds with food and the cycle continues.

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