Yesterday we spent most of the day planting the herb bed near to the shower block as well as sowing edible plant seeds into one of our camping meadows. Most of the plants we are sowing are perennials and once in should happily naturalise, to produce a small harvest every year, and start to add some colure and interest around the campsite. We also harvested the first of our day lilies which make a colourful addition to a camping salad.

Yesterday we planted Salad burnet, Sorrel and French Sorrel all of which make an interesting addition to salads, Chicory, Cumin, Korean Mint and Water mint, Lovage and Bronze fennel. We have planted most of these onto the Bank area of the campsite as this faces south and has been sown with a range of native wild grasses that won’t out compete the herbs as they establish around the campsite.

The herb bed has been planted with Fennel, Calendula, Catnep and Dill, and once established this bed should start to provide lots of exciting additions to salads and campfire cooked dishes, particularly fish which can be bought from Terrys Fishmongers  in Lewes.

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