In the last couple of weeks I have attended a couple of very forward thinking and inspiring events. Both were less than 10 miles from the Secret Campsite. One was in Brighton and the other along the coast either side of Rottingdean. We live in a very forward thinking area and Sussex based organisations are showcasing lots of great ideas to tackle the climate emergency

Everyone knows that our environment is under a bit of pressure and our native species are feeling the heat. We are keen to do our bit to rectify this situation whilst inspiring people to think ‘What could be possible?‘ At The Secret Campsite, we devote much of our time to creating space for wildlife.

We hope that some of our ideas act as a catalyst for the peole camping with us. and send some of our campers back with a better understanding and some ideas that they can develop in their own way

Landscape Innovation

The first event Landscape Innovation was run by Sussex Wildlife Trust and the University of Sussex. It was held at the Falmer campus on the outskirts of Brighton on the 23rd January.

Bella Lack delivered the most inspiring talks which was pretty impressive from a 17 year old. Bella painted a vision of where we could be, if we make some tough but achievable decisions. Hopefully some politicians heard what she was saying.

I loved the short presentation from Alistair Driver of Rewilding UK. Alistair talked about the rewilding process and its status in the UK. Charlie Burrell and Isabella Tree’s project at Knepp is a fore runner of the rewilding movement, but it sounds like lots more people are keen to start. There are at least 15 other large scale projects in the early stages.

Rewilding UK at Landscape innovation conference in sussex
Alistair Drivers Rewilding the UK talk

I’ll save my thoughts on this for another blog post.

Other talks from economists, estate managers and government advisers highlighted the issues we need to tackle.

I’ll cover the second event Nature 2020 in a different blog

What can we do

There is a limit to what each of us can do individually. So the best advice seemed to be for us all to pick one area of concern. To focus on this and be open minded but uncompromising. Finally to do it brilliantly

If we all do this, great things will happen.

So here at The Secret Campsite we are focusing on creating amazing spaces for wildlife and trying to encurage as many people as possible to visit and be inspired, without damaging what we have created.

So far it seems to be working here.

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