Our relationship with nature really does benefit our mental health. 

45% of people in the UK said that visiting green spaces helped them to cope throughout the pandemic. Source Mental Health Foundation

Trees around the Secret Campsite

This may be defined by how much we notice, think about and appreciate the natural world. This could be in the form of walking in green spaces or woodland, growing plants, swimming in the sea and even watching nature documentaries. 

We all know the term “fresh air and exercise” and how it’s long been heralded as being the key to feel better, mentally and physically. 


In recent years the shift has changed and now our degrees of “connectedness” to nature is a key component of our positive impact on mental health. 

We can develop ways to connect with nature. 

These may include activities that involve the senses and activities where we can feel emotions such as finding beauty in nature. 

High quality nature spaces are the golden ticket here. 

Spaces where there is lots of green, lots of natural sound or natural smells. So we can be immersed and enveloped in nature. Not glimpses, but a thorough dunking in nature. 

Fields around the Secret Campsite

Tune in to nature

“Tuning” into nature is different to being “in” nature. It’s far more beneficial from a mental and physical point of view. And people with a greater connection to nature are more likely to behave more positively towards the environment, wildlife and habitats.

So next time you are out in nature, try to deepen your connectedness. 

Sift your fingers through the soil. Touch the bark of the trees. 

Sit and watch and listen. What do you hear? Wind rustling? Birds overhead. Animals in the hedgerow? 

Now what can you smell? The waxy smell of bluebells, freshly cut grass? The salt of the sea? 

Imagine what you might taste? Can you forage some wild garlic? Berries or fruits? What are you sitting or lying on? Soft and squishy (best check!) or is it digging in and sharp? 

Bluebells around the Secret Campsite

Connectedness at the Secret Campsite

A connectedness with nature is something we enjoy here at the campsite. We have been talking about it for years. And we love sharing it with you.

We even won an award for our work with it.

We are signed up to the campaign to Get Nature Positive It makes us feel happy and complete.

Come and switch off. Watch the natural world go by. Listen to the Nightingales. Marvel at the butterflies. Smell the grass. 

We can pretty much guarantee that you will leave here having had some great little encounters with the natural world. And that’s a pretty special thing. 

Banded demoiselle at the Secret Campsite

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