Yesterday morning a small group of us went on one of our many trips to the snake boards that we have located around the campsite. Being in the wooded county of Sussex means we have a fantastic array of wildlife around the campsite that enjoys living on the edges of a woodland ecosystem. Where the camping meadow meets the woodland  this diversity is at its best and we get loads of snakes and slow worms warming up under our carefully placed reptile boards and shelters.

Yesterday we arrived at the meadow reptile board to see what i thought was a lizard sunning itself on the top of the board. However i was happy to be corrected that it was probably a newt as it had a stubbier tail and more watery looking feet.

We got this photo of the newt and then wished him luck as he lives a precarious life on top of the snake boards.

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  1. Hey Tim, that's a Common Lizard not a newt. These cold-blooded lizards will use the top of the 'snake sheets' to help them warm up in the sun. Not sure what you mean by 'watery looking feet' but it's definitely a land-loving lizard. I'm just glad you didn't return it home and throw it into the pond.

  2. Thanks Michael, it had flippers on just before we took the photo

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