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Outjoyment with Summer time camping

At The Secret Campsite, we’ve always talked about connecting people with nature and were thrilled to read this article about Outjoyment. Spring time camping is just around the corner, so now is a great time to mention it, as the sap starts to rise.

A major research study, commissioned by the camping and caravaning club was undertaken by a team of reasearchers at Liverpools John Moores University and Sheffield Hallam University.

This confirms how camping in the great outdoors improves peoples well being and health. Some stats include;

Pitching a tent at the Secret Campsite


• 97% of campers say happiness is their top motivator for going camping while 48% of campers reported feeling happy almost every day, compared with 35% of non campers
• More connected to nature: 93% go camping to enjoy being in nature – the second highest motivator after happiness, and they score highly on measures of nature connection
• Enjoying better well-being: 93% of campers value camping for the benefits it gives to their health and well-being – an increase on the 85% of our Real Richness Report in 2011
• Flourishing: 44% are flourishing (have optimal mental health) compared with 31% of non campers. This increases for those who camp more often
• Less stressed: 88% of campers are motivated to go camping to take time out of everyday life and have higher levels of psychological well-being than non campers.

The Secret Campsite

We firmly believe its critical to have a connection to nature. This is really important for your wellbeing. At the Secret Campsite we try to make sure that you are as close to nature as possible and strive to keep the site peaceful to enable as many glimpses of nature as we can.

Deer in the meadow at the Secret Campsite

Nature here

Watch out for the glowworms in July, the butterflies in June, the adders in April and May. Listen to the dawn chorus and the Nightingales from March to May. Smell the flowers and the rain. Touch the grass. Count the stars. We are re-opening on Friday 24 March for Spring camping. Hope to see you soon!