We have had some beautiful sunsets around the campsite in the last few days, so I thought I would share one of them for the blog as a photograph of landscaping work on a large grass pitch is spectacularly dull, even if you were involved in the work.

The weather is still pretty cold but this week i have been rolling the grass pitches and aerating them all to encourage the grass to grow better.

We make all of our grass pitches large enough for a couple of family sized tents. Having large pitches ensures that the grass doesn’t get worn out to badly. It also gives our campers plenty of space to relax and enjoy the sites and sounds of nature.

Initially I roll the pitches to push down any lumps that have formed over the winter as the clay has expanded. Once each pitch is relatively flat we aerate the grass so that the roots get air down into the soil. This encourages root growth and helps the turf sward to absorb water more efficiently. This helps to get the pitches dry more quickly after a heavy downpours, but you wouldn’t want to try putting a gold ball on them, they aren’t that good.

We try to keep the grass pitches at the campsite pretty secluded by allowing wild grasses and other plants to grow unhindered in between them. This means that as you relax on your pitch you shouldn’t  have to listen to someone else’s conversation on the adjoining pitch. After all who wants to listen in on a discussion about the washing up or why the milkman was leaving last week.

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