We like to have private well screened pitches at The Secret Campsite. It’s is what our campers are looking for when they stay with us on a woodland edge in Sussex. Most of the pitches get lots of privacy from neighbouring campers with the long grass we allow to grow up between the pitches, however, Lime pitch has always been a bit of an anomaly as it is a very open pitch looking down to the washing up area from the Bank where it is located.

This year I decided to provide it with some improved seclusion which will keep campers on the pitch well screened from the communal areas around the campsite without compromising its fantastic views up to the South Downs.

In time this will mean that you can lie on the pitch and be seen by virtually no one other than your fellow campers on the pitch.

The long grass that we encourage to grow around the campsite acts as brilliant screening in its own right but the dogwood, wild privet and one or two hazels that we have planted will screen off the pitch at a lower level without spoiling the pitches finest assets, the great view up to the downs outside Lewes.

This week I panted native shrubby species and small trees to deliver this. We used the following species

Common dogwood

Wild Privet


These were all bought from Ashridge Nurseries where the Woodland Trust plants came from when we planted our wooded areas around the campsite back in 2012 when we opened.

In a moment of mischief and with a view to providing some butterfly homes, i also bought a plant i continually fail to culture the Alder Buckthorn which makes a fantastic home for the Brimstone as it is its only food source. I also bought a Purging Buckthorn as it sounds fun. I’m planting them in pots to get them going as i got fed up seeing them die in the ground and have no idea why this happens. The Brimstone butterflies will probably send me a present next year

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