Last night we had a couple of inches of snow blown in on a biting easterly wind that seems to want to stay at the campsite until Easter, which is now only a couple of weeks away.

This time a week ago we were down to our t-shirts as we ate lunch outside in the camping meadow, in between getting all of the facilities up and running in time for the influx of easter campers. The water around the site is turned off to avoid any risk of the pipes freezing, and we are almost at the point where we will need to start cutting the grass pitches. Fortunately we didn’t turn the water on, and as you can see from the pictures there isn’t likely to be much demand for a neatly cropped lawn on each pitch just yet, so the mower can stay in the garage for another week at least.

As I have been walking around the site I have seen a couple of solitarty birds feeding on the cotoneasster shrubs which at this time of year is still alive with orangey red berries. It is one of the later shrubs to be stripped of its harvest of berries, and the birds I have seen pecking away at it, are solitary rather than arriving in a big flock, which makes me think that they are  Redwings rather than Fieldfare, which tend to be seen in larger flocks. However, the colouring is a more greyish at the top with quite pronounced stripes, which seems to be more like the Fielfdare. Both of these birds are members of the thrush family, and are winter visitors to the UK where they enjoy our winter supply of berries and worms.

At this time of year when it snows, the architectural forms of the plants at The Secret Campsite are beautiful although my photography isn’t.

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