Our new prices for 2023 will come into play from 17th February, so if you get your booking in before this date you can benefit from last years prices. It wont save you much but every little helps.

What isn’t changing is the huge variety of wildlife we have encouraged into our quiet, corner of Sussex. In April and May we’ll be surrounded by Nightingales and other migrant birds such as the swallows and swifts returning from winters spent in Africa. The Cuckoos will start shouting around the same time. In later June the glow worms start to display there beautiful light for any passing males and the dragonflies dart around the pond eating any straying insects, not quick enough to escape.

The skies are still dark, the surrounding woodlands are still peaceful and this year we hope to complete our new Wash House. It’s the new space for showers, toilets and washing up.

We are working with the fantastic team at Local Works with the aim to reuse as much material as possible. Ben, Loretta, and Shaun are a huge inspiration and have a growing library of credits, clients and successes. We are looking forward to being another one.

Watch this space and we’ll tell you more as the structure starts to appear.

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