I have spent the afternoon doing one of those necessary and luckily still satisfying jobs around the secret campsite. Having planted over 1200 trees since we first started planning the campsite it is worth checking them each year to make sure that the deer and rabbits haven’t started to devour them. Sussex is alive with deer and rabbits and the secret campsite has more than our fair share of them which we normally love, but sometimes curse as they strip the bark from any exposed trees and eat all of our apples that are in reach.

The other job is to make sure that the strong winds haven’t knocked any of the trees over. Those that have been bent like this oak tree was, need to be re-staked so that they can continue to grow upwards out of reach of the marauding wildlife around the camping meadow.

This year the trees around the campsite and in between the camping pitches are a little more established  so I have only had to work on about 30-40 of them. This involves loosening the tree guard and then putting in a new stake to support the young tree. It is fun to do and gives me a chance to check each tree and see how it is fairing. It was great to see that most trees have grown well and are starting to provide some of the privacy for our 18 camping pitches.

Whilst doing this I also took a couple of pictures around the campsite which closes down for the winter in a weeks time.

Last of all, here is a slug

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