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Tent Pitches

Our meadow camping pitches are large and well spread out. On average there is at least 15 metres in between pitches. Most of the time much more.

aerial view of the secret campsite near lewes

How many can stay

We limit the number of people on pitches to keep the site peaceful and to encourage lots of wildlife into the campsite. For most pitches our limit is no more than 7 people, (of which, no more than 4 can be adults). However, we also have 2 smaller, 3 person pitches, tucked away in the corners. Bookings of 3 or less people may be allocated to one of these 2, very popular pitches.  We also limit bookings to no more than 2 pitches. We do this to avoid large groups of families or friends who might compromise the peace and tranquility we have created. Once the site is full, we don’t take any more bookings.

How unusual is that?’

What we provide

The space in between each pitch is left to grow wild and this encourages a huge variety of species into the camng areas. At different times of the year you can see glow worms, dragonflies, marbled whites, and toads, not to mention the inspirational dawn chorus.

Letting the plants grow around the pitches also provides great screening from the neighbouring pitches. We have 16 camping pitches across our 8 acre site and each one has its own campfire pit. You can wile away the evenings cooking, reading, chatting quietly and connecting with the people close to you. This is real camping.

campfire at the secret campsite

We keep the grass short, with some pitches enjoying morning shade, whilst others reap the benefit in the evenings.

Most of all, this is meadow camping. The openness we maintain allows uninterrupted night time views of the stars and ink black skies. In contrast, during the day, you’ll enjoy the sun on your back as it tracks through the sky.

Why not read our Escapees Handbook before you arrive for some ideas on how to switch off.

What you need to bring

You need to bring everything you might need for a camping trip. So don’t forget the tent or your sleeping bags. We have a take away cafe at reception, The Secret Teapot, and you can buy firewood and charcoal on site. So bring lots of food to cook on the campfire

wheelbarrows and trollies at the secret campsite

Don’t forget

We don’t allow any cars or pets in our camping areas. Nor do we have large groups of campers, or any music on the site. The Secret Campsite is focused on providing a great habitat for wildlife and we strive to minimise our impact upon it. In turn this creates an amazing space for families and small groups of friends.

In order to accommodate these worthwhile idiosyncracies, we have a small fleet of  wheelbarrows and trollies. You are very welcome to make use of them to transport your belongings to the pitch.

You’ll notice that not everyone does their bit!

quiet camping at the secret campsite