Now that Spring has firmly arrived its a good time to draw up a list of wildlife sightings and experiences that you want to tick off over the course of 2016.

We wrote our escapees handbook to generate a few gentle ideas for people to enjoy whilst they are camping at the secret campsite, so now seemed like a good time to get creative and think of the things you would love to see this summer.

We have focused on sightings that are achievable in Sussex, so there won’t be any spotting a condor, watching a coconut fall from a tree, or catching a scorpion.

The handbook has a few ideas already but how about these ones to get your creative juices flowing:

Hearing a nightingale

Seeing an adder

Holding a glow worm

Listening to the real dawn chorus at daybreak

Catching a Butterfly and identifying the species

Enjoying a sit spot

Identifying a bird of prey

Finding a tadpole

Seeing a wild orchid

Encountering a barn owl

The list is pretty much unending, but if you draw up one for yourself and then get ticking, you will be having a brilliant summer and I suspect it will be one that you will remember.

Its better to complete a short list than flounder on a long one.





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