This all stemmed from a simple question I had on Friday from the first campers who checked in this year.

They asked where they could get some great food for their supper on a bank holiday. Good Friday was a beautiful day but everyone knew that the weather was set to change over the weekend, which added a twist of urgency into the campfire cookery. I recommended that they popped down to Holmansbridge farm shop for meat, eggs, cheese and bread. They also stock beer, cider and some great local sparkling wine there, which makes it a one stop shop for a real camping feast.

The shop is only a 10 minute walk from the campsite along the disused railway track and was surprisingly still open late in the afternoon.

Cooking during a camping trip is best kept pretty simple. This allows you to savor the real flavours of the ingredients that you use. We wrote about cooking a steak sandwich in the escapees handbook and this is what we reckon is the best way to eat a steak on a camping trip.

After the meal why not finish off with a cup of freshly picked mint tea. We grow quite a range of different herbs that can be added to hot water, and Therri the local herbalist has signs explaining what each plant is useful for. Read more about this in the handbook link above.

My one tip. Don’t do what one of the campers did here last summer. In their attempt to get back to basic camp cuisine, they cooked a can of baked beans in the can over the fire. This all sounded like a great and washing uo saving idea, BUT their mistake was not to take the lid off the can and the ensuing explosion sent scorching hot baked beans over a wide area of their substantial camping pitch.

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