It’s that time again

Every year the Big Garden Birdwatch helps the RSPB to monitor how garden birds are faring. It helps the RSPB to build a picture of how our UK birds are coping with the challenges of the nature and climate crisis. Sadly the UK has lost over 38 million birds over the last 50 years and The UK red List for Birds keeps track of 245 species , with birds listed as “Red” deemed most at risk. You can view the link here

And the timer starts now..

We sharpen our pencils, encourage the neighbouring cats to take a hike and sit down with a cup of tea. And start counting all the birds in the garden.

What did we see?

To cut to the chase we saw one of the following Great Tit, Robin, Crow. However we saw 2 x Blackbirds, 2 x Magpies, 2 x Sparrows.

Birds aplenty

By now we were getting pretty good at this twitching thing. We were visited by 3 x Rooks, 4 x Starlings, and 14 x Pigeons. 2022 vs 2023 numbers?

Sadly we saw no Goldfinch’s, Great Spotted Woodpecker, or a Heron unlike last year. But we did see a Goldcrest today over by the Tree Tent! The other good news is that last summer we were visited by a flock of Nightingales here on the old railway track and most definitely we heard the cuckoo in Spring. It was very persistent. Please continue to let us know what you have heard when you are staying here.

Birds at the Secret Campsite

We see many varieties of birds here at the campsite. We have put up some bespoke accommodation for them including swift houses, sparrow hotels, swallow cups, robin nests and a starling box. All of these have been occupied at different times, but not always by the target species. Many were purchased from the RSPB shop.

We love participating in the Big Garden Birdwatch and have inked it in the diary for next year already.

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