The exciting news this week is that The Woodland Trust have just completed the planting of 6 million trees across the United Kingdom. These trees have converted over 5,000 hectares of land into young woodland which will increase the biodiversity. There have been 60 Diamond woods where over 60 acres of land have been planted with each acre marking 1 year for Queen Elizabeths reign. The Secret Campsites new woodland is one of these Jubilee Woods, where over one acre has been planted to mark the Queens Golden Jubilee. The Woodland Trust said on its web site “This is a Diamond Jubilee legacy to be proud of – creating vital new habitat for wildlife and special places for people to enjoy today and in the future”.

We hope that our tree planting at The Secret Campsite will provide a fantastic buffer to the Ancient Woodland that surrounds our campsite near Lewes in East Sussex. East Sussex is one of the most heavily wooded counties in the UK and this buffer around existing and established Ancient woodland will provide wonderful habitats for species like the Barn Owl who I have seen patrolling the woodland edges most evening during the winter. The Barn Owl sets off during daylight hours and flys along the camping meadow perimeter looking for prey to catch. Now this beautiful bird criss crosses  our newly planted trees that are part of our Jubilee Woods.

The trees that we have planted are all edible in some form and include the following species: Small Leaved Lime, Walnut, Hazel, Wild Rose, Blackthorn, Rowan, Wild Cherry, Bird Cherry, and Hawthorn.

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