It’s recently been confirmed that we will have another Bank Holiday this coming May to celebrate the Kings coronation. The news is not actually a secret but, the first I heard of it was when a regular camper booked a trip and mentioned the coronation.

This is good news if you need an excuse to plan another camping trip in May and we’ll be looking forward to welcoming everyone here. But, if you need to watch on a big screen you’re coming to the wrong place.

Wildlife at the campsite

The weekend for the Bank Holiday is 5-8th May and its a great time to hear the nightingales that sing along the old railway track that runs through the Secret Campsite. A walk along the dismantled railway track as it becomes dark takes on a new dimension. You’ll be accompanied at different points by the sounds of marsh frogs, tawny owls, and foxes, as well as the beautiful song of this drab little bird.

Sam Lee, the world famous folk singer, will be running his singing with nightingales walks. They are an amazing way to enjoy meeting new people, savoring delicious food and hearing the competitive melodyd of these increasingly rare bird.

The game

But, back to the coronation, which got us thinking about the different types of wildlife with a regal suffix or prefix.

Its a fun game to play if you are on a very long car journey with access to the internet as a judge for the opportunistic submissions. Dont forget in ternational rules state that it must be a recognised animal.

Here are our list of potential winners:

Kingfisher, King Cobra, Queen Bee, Purple Emperor, Duke of Burgundy, King Penguin,

Ones we wouldn’t allow:

Coronation chicken, Princes tuna, King of the Jungle, Turkey crown,

So if you are heading our way and need something to keep the family entertained in the back of the car…..

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