It all starts to get very exciting here, the night before the wildlife festival that we run in conjunction with Sussex Wildlife Trust.

This years timetable has a great range of activities for the family including some wildlife hunts and walks, some bushcraft activities and lots of opportunities for the campers to connect with our local wildlife.

As if to welcome everyone to the Secret Campsite we have had a burst of activity from the Marbled Whites who have suddenly begun to appear in large numbers around the camping areas.

Butterflies at The Secret Campsite in Sussex

Marbled Whites

This years festival had 180 applications for the 18 pitches that we have at the secret campsite so we had to draw names out of the hat. This says so much for how keen people are to connect with our amazing natural world.

Starry skies at the campsite in Sussex

Next year we may need to run some more of them with the wildlife trust and see if we can raise even more money for their wonderful work to protect our native species. Hurrah.

Here goes with the list and timings of the planned activities

Secret Wildlife Festival Schedule 2019

All events start at the Festival HQ (the big white tent) 


19:30 Introduction to the weekend

19:45 Early evening wildlife walk (& Setting up the Hedgehog Tunnels and Trail Cameras)

21:00 Setting the Small Mammal Traps

21:25 Fire up the Moth Trap!

21:30 Searching for Bats & Glow worms.

Evening wildlife at the East Sussex Campsite with fires

22:30 Campfires back at your tent


08:00 Open up the Small Mammal Traps

09:15 Check the Hedgehog Tunnels

09:30 Moth Trap Opening

10:30  Bushcraft activities at the camp or Wildlife Walk along the Railway Line

15:00-16:00  Bushcraft activities at the camp

18:00-19:00 Big BBQ available for you to cook your own food

20:30 Set the Small Mammal Traps

20:55 Fire up the Moth Trap!

21:00 Evening walk for Bats and Owls

21:45 Campfires back at your tent

campsite wildlife in East Sussex


08:00 Open up the Small Mammal Traps

09:30 Check the Hedgehog Tunnels

10:00 Moth Trap Opening

10:45 Secret Cinema: Watch the Trail Camera footage

11:00-12:30 Wildlife Walk in Knowlands Wood or Bushcraft activities at the camp

14:00 Pitches Clear Please & Sad farewells.

Michael and his brilliant team from Sussex Wildlife Trust make the event a runaway success and a great way to spend the weekend with a chance to see some of our much rarer species, many of which live alongside us at the Secret Campsite down in sunny Sussex by the sea.

We’ll be writing up ur report from the weekend for next week so watch this space.

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