Cluster of slow worms at The Secret Campsite

We are so gutted to have to cancel the 2020 Festival. Unfortunately for obvious reasons it can’t take place. But we will definitely run it in 2021.

In the interim, we have been welcoming new wildlife here to the campsite. Clearing out an old poly tunnel to make way for a new wildlife area, we met a VERY large grass snake. Our eldest daughter showed her true wildlife colours and positively jumped out of her skin. The grass snake in question has now moved into a new space. But where?

The Nightingales came to serenade us in May, then the Cuckoo. We still can’t catch him on video. He’s got wise to us and keeps quiet whenever we down tools to capture the sound. We had a sudden arrival of a Goldcrest. He flew into the reception window, but after some TLC and a quick recuperation, headed off again. This time we had a camera ready.

Goldcrest at The Secret Campsite
Goldcrest at The Secret Campsite

Walking into Lewes yesterday, alongside the beautiful River Ouse we saw a Red Kite. Our neighbours at The Sussex Christmas Barn had spotted one earlier in the week too. With a deeply forked tail, and wingspan of almost 2 metres the Red Kite is deeply impressive. He was too far away to get a decent photo unfortunately.

Walking alongside the River Ouse into Lewes
Alongside the River Ouse in Lewes

The grass and newly planted trees are growing fast over in the meadow. The wild rabbits have taken up residence on Juneberry pitch. Our first campers of the season booked onto that pitch may need to be super assertive and explain social distancing to them!

We are very excited for the start of the 2020 season. And very disappointed that we can’t run the Festival. Here’s a link to last years Festival where you can see exactly what was spotted! We look forward to holding it here again next summer.

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